Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Back to the grind!

Hey y'all! I am back at it! I had to take off from writing for a while due to different things going on in my life, but now that my year at Cross Church Springdale is officially kicking off this Sunday I thought it would be good to ease back into writing again and get ready for the weekly updates that I'll be posting every Friday as this year goes on. This summer has been super busy and enlightening and God has definitely revealed himself to me in so many ways. I want to thank you for praying for me if you have and ask you to continue to pray as I start work on Sunday and officially start seminary this coming Monday. It will be an awesome and Holy Spirit filled year, and I am excited to see how God changes me, molds me, and directs me. I will fill you all in on something that has been heavily weighing upon my heart this whole summer. Next year after my year with Cross Church I feel God is leading me to pack up and move to Boston, MA and begin preparations to plant a church there in the city or in its surrounding area. I've been in love with the city of Boston eversince I went there as a freshman in college during spring break and have felt God calling me to that city since then. I am excited and scared, grateful and in awe, but more so than all those feelings I am so amazed that God has chosen me and called me to do this great work for His Kingdom. I don't know all the specifics and I'm not sure at all how I will go about this, but I do know that my year at Cross Church will prepare me and my time with them spent as a North American Mission Board church planting apprentice will equip me with the tools and skills I need to plant in an unreached area in our country. Pray for me, pray for Cross Church, and pray that God does a great work not only in my life, but that He is magnified and glorified in all that is accomplished.

God bless,


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