Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Cross Church School of Ministry

The Cross Church School of Ministry

A series on who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

Part 1-Why I chose The Cross Church School of Ministry

People in all areas of my life keep asking me this one question. Why? Why spend a year with Cross Church and not go straight into seminary or the mission field? I responded of course with “Why not?”. Why not give my life over to a multiplying, disciple making, Holy Spirit driven, Great Commission bound, Gospel preaching church? The Cross Church School of Ministry serves not to replace seminary, but to compliment the academic training a person receives with real life ministry instruction from a staff that has extensive ministerial experience led by a man who has the vision to change the world through the preaching and proclamation of the Gospel through equipping and sending men and women out to plant churches. I chose this route because I was called quite literally to become a part of it. I was introduced to it and fell in love with it on the very front end because I saw the vision God had lain upon Pastor Ronnie Floyd’s heart and knew that this was something that was essential for the success of my ministry and future church plant. My calling to this school was confirmed almost instantaneously by several mentors and men in my life. Men like Dr. Lynn Loyd, former Director of the University of Arkansas’s Baptist Collegiate Ministries, Dr. Nick Floyd, Campus Pastor of Cross Church Fayetteville, Steve Moore, Connections Pastor of Grand Ave. Baptist Church in Fort Smith Arkansas, and Brad Carr, current Director of the Baptist Student Union at Central Missouri University; all of whom have mentored me and played a huge role in my life in some capacity since coming to Arkansas 6 years ago as a college freshman. All of whom which told me that this was meant for me, that this is why God had called me to Fayetteville in the first place, and that this experience of a lifetime would forever transform my ministry trajectory. Needless to say I was sold on the spot and have known from the get go that God would do an amazing work through CCSM in my life this year. I have complete confidence and faith that God is already calling men and women to be a part of the next cohort of students for next years class, and I urge you to pray about and consider two things: “Am I called?” and “What am I called to do?”. If you can discern those two things and know without a shadow of a doubt that your life is meant to glorify God through Kingdom work then join us at The Cross Church School of Ministry. Your very life and the lives of the people you minister to may depend on it.
God bless,

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